Tutorial 2 - 1 Setting up Track Marks


Introducing Driver communications and Token Management. Wagons are no longer instantly loaded; instead, fresh supplies are brought from a portal.

NOTE: These sessions cannot be run in 'Cab Mode' as some of the driver commands are not compatible with that mode.

A train bringing loaded coal wagons from the portal approaches the yard and requests Shedmaster for instructions. A new schedule replaces the running schedule if space is found to place the wagons. If there is not sufficient space the original schedule is carried out. The train leaves the yard and is consumed by the portal.


A second train removes the empty wagons to the portal if there is any. All trains must obtain a token before entering the yard and clear the token when leaving the yard. Two additional schedules in the library are assigned to the drivers if the required conditions are met.


For this tutorial you need to download from the DLS;

Once you have downloaded the above go to the Shedmaster tutorial route, click View Sessions, Click on Shedmaster tutorial session 1, and Edit Session. Once the session is open, click main menu, Save As, and when the dialog box opens click Save New Session. call the session Shedmaster tutorial session 2, then click the tick.


By doing the above, it keeps the settings from the first tutorial.

Firstly we are going to set up track marks for using the Un-Portal rule and to aid in train movements. Starting from the mouth of the yard we add the following track marks;


Coal Token

Note: This Track Mark name starts with a '#', this is because its going to be used by the Token Management Rule, which requires the names of Track Marks to begin with a #.


Next is;

Train Reverse

Place this just past the exit to the MDP. This is used by the train for reversing into the yard.

Engine Reverse

Place this just past the entrance to the MDP. This is used by the Engine for reversing into the MPD.



Place this just past the entrance to the Power Station. This is used by the Un Portal Rule.


Yard Approach

Place this on the approach to the Yard. This is used as a drive via so that the following command can be to request the token.