Tutorial 1 - 3 Session Rules


Go into Session Rules and add assets to the session rules as shown below. Once all have been added, make sure that Shedmaster rule is the second rule on the list



Edit the Schedule Library rule, and add an entry: Coal to Powerstation. The commands will be added in Tutorial 4, so save the changes and close the rule now.

Edit the Driver Command rule, and tick the following

Edit Resources Verify Rule (fixed)

Target object: Powerstation 1

Queue: coal_in

Product: Coal

Amount: 270000

Change setting to Complete when designated queue falls below required amount , then click ok.


Indent Send Message to Rule


Now edit Send Message to Rule.

The first field that needs to be changed is Send a router message to rule number. This field identifies the position in the rules list where Shedmaster is. To make it easier to identify Shedamster's position, it is convenient to move the rule to the second position. Counting down from the top of the rule list, the top-most rule is numbered zero. If Shedmaster is in the second slot then it is numbered 1. Once you have entered the number 1, 'Shedmaster' should appear aginst the number. If a different rule is indicated then adjust the number to point to Shedmaster rule.

The next field is filled in automatically - Major: Service Request. The minor field needs to be set to reflect the type of service that Shedmaster should supply to the industry. In this case it is - Minor: Deliver Loaded Wagons. Click on the Minor field link and select that option if it is not correct. In other sessions, different options may be selected.

The product should be inherited from the industry being monitored by the parent rule (Resource Verify Rule - RVR), and appended to the message minor component.

Specify a variable name as the control variable for this message. I have used Coal-Var as my variable. This control variable is set to true (1) by Shedmaster to stop this child rule from repeatedly sending requests for service until reset to false (0) when the product has been delivered


Save the changes.

We now open the Input Table rule. Click add and type the entry:


Click add again and type the entry:



Click save. What this does is add menu items to the driver command: Set S-Variable to allow the driver to reset the variable for this industry after it has been serviced, so that the industry stock levels can start being monitored again.


We now go up to Shedmaster rule and edit it. Click Add Task. This adds a new task line. A window titled select Message Source lists the available message sources. (If the industry you need isn't showing then click the yellow link: Refresh industry and trackmark lists).

Select the Powerstation entry, and click save. We next click on select service request link; select Deliver Loaded Wagons, click save.

Click on Product and enter Coal (Note the capital C in Coal, the spelling must be Exactly the same as it is in the Resources Verify Rule - Product field, and it is case sensiive).

Moving across we now click on Src; here we enter which Group of sidings we want Shedmaster to use to source loaded wagons of coal. Note: not the actual siding but which group, in this case it is group 1, the only group, and we want to enter the siding via the -A end (as in track mark 1-1A, 1-2A etc.), enter 1A.

Dst, the deposit siding group in this tutorial is also 1A, but in more complex lay-outs you may want Shedmaster to deposit the empty wagons at a different group of sidings. For now use Dst type 1A.

If you have forgotten to enter a schedule in the Schedule Library then save and close Shedmaster rule and add a library schedule now. Then return to Shedmaster rule and select the schedule name that will service the industry, Coal to Powerstation. In Tutorial 4 - Driver Commands, we add the commands to the schedule.

Lastly, click the link select Departure Road, the MPD (where our locomotive waits for orders). Select MPD 1A, Click to save the edits. You should now have this display:


NOTE: If you have recently added a trackmark then it might not yet be in the list. Click on the link Refresh Industry and Trackmarks Lists to update the lists of trackmarks and industries.

Click save to close the Shedmaster rule. We are now ready to try it out. Select Exit Surveyor and save, overwrite existing session.

Now click on the session, and Drive the session!