Tutorial 1 - 1 Preparing the Track


This tutorial is meant to help you set up a replica of the example map and session included in the Examples section. You may design your own layout if you prefer to.

Firstly, from the Download page, download the Shedmaster package file.


Create a new route with two baseboards and on it lay three sidings side-by-side, and an extra one for the train to use to approach the yard.

Blank Sidings

We are going to use dead end sidings so next, add three buffers of your choice to one end (I've used Butoir buffers)


Next we connect thee sidings together at the other end.

Connect Sidings

We then prepare a siding for the Engine to reside in, with a run-a-round, and also connect the incoming track

Engine Siding

Now carry on laying track to a Power station, then around and onto the incoming track at the buffer end of the sidings. Trains circulate in an anti-clockwise direction in this model.


This map leaves plenty of room to add other industries later. Once you have finished, you could add some signals and track direction markers, or leave the map as it is and move on to Tutorial 2 - Track Markers.