This site contains software and tutorial information that runs on a simulator program called Trainz: A New Era. See

Shedmaster is the brainchild of Elstoko and is designed to act as an interface between industries and train activities - a dispatcher. Coding is by trev999

Shedmaster is a rule that waits for messages informing it when an industry needs to receive or dispatch product. The amount of product is measured and wagons are located to meet the request. A schedule is then assigned to the locomotive which is to perform the task.

Two rules are needed for each product at an industry:

Resource Verify Rule monitors the industry stock level and when it passes the threshold level, triggers a child rule
Send Message to Rule, which sends a message to Shedmaster rule to request service on behalf of the industry.

In the map for this tutorial, wagons loaded with coal are waiting at a yard. The locomotive at the Motive Power Depot (MPD) fetches the required number of wagons from the yard and unloads them at the powerstation and then returns the wagons to a siding where empty wagons are assembled. The locomotive then returns to the depot and waits until a new request for wagons is raised.

Tutorial 2 shows how to use Driver Communication and Token Management with Shedmaster.

Bug fix: Shedmaster Command has been updated. See downloads page.